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Joe Kaufeld

Maker, Breaker, and Professional Eater of Bread

I'm just a guy who hopes to leave the world a little better than I found it.

Some work I'm proud of:

  • Grafeas Group, Ltd.

    • Open source on GitHub!
    • 501(c)3 international nonprofit founded to increase accessibility on the internet by using gamification to power crowdsourced transcriptions of inaccessible content (images, videos, and audio)
    • Home base:
    • Featured in WIRED and WIRED UK!
    • over 5500 volunteers with 255,000+ posts transcribed for those who need them

    • 3D printer filament color matching database
    • Every manufacturer photographs their filaments differently -- why not have a single place that photographs them all the same?
    • Automatically generates relative color matches for projects up to four colors (example!)
    • Completely free and open source!


This is a compendium of various writeups I've done. Use the sidebar to navigate.

  • Projects

    • Standalone articles about projects I've done or things that I've built
  • Writing

    • Articles or posts from over the years.